Heal Yourself with Raw Fruits, Vegetables and Juicing

This is one of my raw food healing stories and how juicing has changed my health and wellbeing and has been a part of my life for over 25 years . I was introduced to a Raw food diet to cure disease and Green Juicing by a Raw Food Guru friend of mine, lovely Anna ( www.yogaofchange.com )
From a teenager ,on and off, ( I had no idea what it was and was too scared to tell my parents) I  had been suffering  with IBS , large intestine irritation , causing horrendous stomach cramps , bloating , nausea , uncontrollable diarrhoea and fatique . I took Imodium for ages ,  just so I could function . 

It was triggered, in my 30th year, by high stress levels of being an emotionally and physically abused Mum trying to juggle life, with my new baby, you know how it is! My Gastroenterologists told me, in the future, I was at risk of stomach cancer, osteoporosis, weak immune system. He prescribed Steroids and removal of some of my intestine, I said no, I wanted to find a gentle, holistic healing process. It was a very different mindset in those days (1991). 
I was already following a spiritual healing path. I then knew there was a solution to get my low esteem up, my self confidence back and feel well again. I took up meditation and yoga, which helped immensely to calm me down and taught me how to switch off '. I started learning about Reiki and crystal healing to 'ground myself ' . Yippee, my mind, body and soul were transforming.
I changed my diet to Raw food diet to cure disease, which was mainly plant based and alkaline, to balance out my PH levels (7.4 is the ideal). It was a slow transition; breaking eating habits took time and many tears. Healing your body with fruits and vegetables was my new mantra. Juicing was a way I could easily; ensure I got all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals my body craved for. Also I was scared to eat solid food as it just went straight through me!! It’s so easy to chuck it all into a blender, whizz it up, and voila. 

Anna taught me about healing your body with fruits and vegetables. Exactly which fruit and vegetables to combine with super foods, these are great anti oxidants and help fight cancer and heart problems, win, win every time. I am eternally grateful to her for pushing me to change my mind set. I truly believe it’s helped be the best of myself , stay young looking and have good skin tone (along with my Simply Skincare Organic skincare products, of course!) I am full of energy and LOVE life to the fullest.
Being 60 in 2020  inspired me to share my experiences to try to help others, with similar stories. It is not easy to talk to those close by about  embarrassing  personal  issues , knowing  I got through this , shows all is possible , with a little effort , a lot of LOVE FOR YOUSELF and focus, plus determination and positive people around you . 

I promise, you will feel cleaner, more energized, more joyful, happier, therefore much better. In their natural state, raw vegan healing fruits and vegetables supply the body with all the nutrients they contain and some are even better absorbed when turned into juice. Furthermore, this way you can have fruits, vegetables and herbs you would not normally eat at the same meal. Mixing with a blender breaks down the cells and helps releasing all the vitamins in the fruit or vegetable. One glass of natural fresh juice every day, made from either vegetables or fruits, or both ideally, ensures a good functioning of your body organs and gives you the energy you need. Raw vegan healing green juices are beneficial in the balance the pH of the body.
My hair has never been healthier. It’s because my diet contains a large number of fruits, vegetables, and omega 3 fats which helps make it soft and shiny, leading to raw vegan hair growth.

Raw Vegan Healing foods for healthy hair 

  • Avocados are filled with healthy fats that promote the moisture needed to prevent hair breakage and helps hair grow strong. lmonds—the “superior nut”—are an amazing source of protein and vitamin E which helps improve elasticity and moisture so your hair will resist breakage and dryness.
  • Kale is rich in iron and vitamin B. It is also an alkaline food that helps prevent acidity in the body.
  • Chia seeds are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin B, all of which help promote strength and healthy hair growth.
  • Flax seeds are a rich source of vitamin E. They provide nourishment to the hair roots, shaft, and the scalp. Flax seeds also contain high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which help nourish hair follicles.

Fact : year 2020 Around 1 in 5 people still suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome .Average age of sufferers is  20-30 years and women seem to suffer more than men do of IBS .

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